Ontario G1 Practice Test: Ace Your Driving Test with Practice Questions

Study for the Ontario G1 driving test. Study with flashcards and multiple-choice questions. With over 500 questions. Practice the signs and driving rules. Updated for 2023-2025. Get ready for your driving test!

The Ontario G1 Practice Exam is a written test that assesses an individual's knowledge of driving laws, regulations, and safe driving practices in Ontario, Canada.

The purpose of the G1 Practice Exam is to ensure that new drivers have a solid understanding of the rules of the road and are prepared to drive safely on Ontario's roads.

Requirements to Obtain a G1 Driver's License in Ontario

To obtain a G1 driver's license in Ontario, you must be at least 16 years of age, pass a vision test, and pass both a written knowledge test (the G1 Practice Exam) and a road test.


The G1 Practice Exam consists of multiple-choice questions, each with four possible answers. The G1 Practice Exam has a total of 40 questions. To pass the G1 Practice Exam, you must correctly answer at least 32 of the 40 questions (80%).

Exam Content

The G1 Practice Exam is based on the information found in the Ontario Driver's Handbook, which covers driving laws, regulations, and safe driving practices in Ontario.

The G1 Practice Exam covers the following topics:

  1. Rules of the road: This includes information on right of way, traffic signals, speed limits, passing, and more.

  2. Traffic signals and signs: This includes information on the different types of traffic signals and signs and what they mean.

  3. Driving laws and regulations: This includes information on driver responsibilities, licensing requirements, and vehicle equipment requirements.

  4. Safe driving practices: This includes information on defensive driving techniques, sharing the road with other vehicles, and driving in different weather conditions.

  5. Handling emergency situations: This includes information on how to react in emergency situations such as brake failure or a collision.

Tips for Preparing for the Exam

A. Study the Ontario Driver's Handbook Thoroughly To pass the G1 Practice Exam, individuals should study the Ontario Driver's Handbook thoroughly, paying close attention to the topics listed above.

B. Use Online Resources to Practice with Sample Exam Questions and Quizzes There are many online resources available that offer practice G1 Practice Exams, sample questions, and quizzes. These can be a valuable tool in preparing for the actual exam.

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C. Attend Driver's Education Courses Offered by Licensed Ontario Driving Schools Attending a driver's education course can provide additional instruction and practice that can help individuals prepare for the G1 Practice Exam.

D. Review Frequently Missed Questions and Topics Reviewing frequently missed questions and topics from practice exams and quizzes can help individuals identify areas where they need additional study and practice.

The Ontario G1 Practice Exam is an important step in obtaining a G1 driver's license in Ontario. It ensures that new drivers have a solid understanding of driving laws, regulations, and safe driving practices in Ontario.

Obtaining a G1 driver's license in Ontario is the first step towards becoming a fully licensed driver. It allows you to practice driving under certain restrictions and conditions, and is an important milestone towards gaining the freedom and independence that comes with driving.